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H.O.G.® Benelux


H.O.G.® Benelux Safe Riders Program 2023

LOCATION: Lelystad, NL

Safe Rider Training : May 26th and July 14th 2023

Location: Midland circuit

Register here. 

Price Safe Rider Training
Normal price € 240,00 p/p.
Price, exclusively for H.O.G.® members € 225,00 p/p.



Safe Rider Training : May 22nd, May 27th and June 3rd 2023

Location: Nijvel

Register here. 

Price Safe Rider Training
Normal price € 165,00 p/p.
Price exclusively for H.O.G.® members € 150,00 p/p.

Choice between Intermediate & Advanced training


The H.O.G.® Safe Riders Training is a full-day program, consists of a brief workshop explaining the dynamics involved in riding your motorcycle, followed by an elaborate practical session on a closed course. You'll be guided through the different exercises by one of the professional an certified instructors, demonstrating the complete course on a Haley-Davidson® motorcycle.

Which topics will be explained?

Expect a large variety of exercise like emergency braking, short cornering, turning in a narrow street, evasive manoeuvres,... When entering the course the primary goal is enjoying your motorcycle even more and more confidently.


What makes the Safe Rider Training worth your while?
Participation to the Safe Riders Training requires riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, which ensures you that your fellow participants have the same mindset, and passion. All exercises are specifically applied to riding the different Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle, taking into account the weight, size and agility of you bike.


Why participating in the Safe Riders Training? 
Based upon the feedback we've received during previous editions of the Safe Riders Training program, even the most experienced riders were happy with their personal achievements during the course. Most riders never repeated the slow riding manoeuvres once they've picked top the riding-permits. Your Harley-Davidson® will finish these exercises air-th ease. Riders with over 40.000 km on the odometer have testified that they didn't expect to learn this much during these courses.

How much will it cost me? 
H.O.G.® members benefit a preferential registration fee for all H.O.G.® Safe Riders Training courses (details on top of this page).


Included in the registration fee: Welcome with coffee and tea, lunch, theoretical workshop (approx. 1h) and riding exercises on a closed course. After successful completion of the Safe Riders Training, you'll receive a certificate which will allow you to apply for a discount on most motorcycle-insurances.

All excercises will be performed on your own motorcycle.

Your pin & patch

Don't forget to apply for your pin and patch after successful completion of the Safe Riders Training Course with the form on the H.O.G. website.

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