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In 2019  H.O.G.® Benelux intoduced the H.O.G.® Benelux Throttle Tour. A brand new program in which solidarity, accesibility and feasilbilty are key features. During the Throttle Tour - a stamp-run - every participant will be able to collect stamps at the Benelux Authorized Harley-Davidson® Dealerships during the course of a complete year. The H.O.G.® Benelux Throttle Tour will be continued in 2022!


Everyone will be able to collect stamps individually or as a Chapter-event. At the end of the year participants will be awarded with a bronze, silver or gold exclusive Throttle Tour patch.

Join H.O.G.® Benelux in the support of Special Olympics Benelux with the H.O.G.® Benelux Throttle Tour.

Special Olympics is the worlds largest sports organization for children and adults suffering an intellectual disability. They offer training-programs  and competitions for over 5 million athletes and Unified Sports partners in 172 countries throughout the year.

A wonderful initiative, which we gladly support, and a great way to show the H.O.G.®-community has the heart in the right place!

How to register and obtain a stamp-card?

Register here for the  H.O.G.® Benelux Throttle Tour 2022. 

All registration fees are donated completally and directly to the organization of Special Olympics!
Once your payment is confirmed, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with you unique registration-number. Make sure to add this number on your new stamp-card.

The H.O.G.® Benelux team wishes you the best for 2022, and a great riding and safe season.

Charitable greetings, 

Alexandra Maljaars
H.O.G.® National Events & Charity Officer

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