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L.o.H.® Benelux

H.O.G.® Benelux


To become a Ladies of Harley® member, you will have to have joined the Harley Owners Group® (see H.O.G.® Membership info).

Full members as well as associate members can indicate the LoH® membership on the registration-form or in the online membership profile. Membership to the Ladies of Harley is completely free, and entitles you to the LoH-logo pin and patch the fist year of membership. Every subsequent year you will receive your renewal LoH year-pin.


In order to receive information about the LoH Benelux events and rides, send an e-mail to the H.O.G.® Benelux National LoH Officer. We'll include you on the mailinglist, so you'll receive the invites to all LoH Benelux rides and events.


LoH Benelux also offers a (closed) LoH Facebook group to allow members to keep up-to-date on alle news en information regarding the Benelux LoH activities and latest news.

  1. All women with a valid H.O.G.® and LoH® membership can participate in LoH® activities. Open events and rides are organised by H.O.G.® and the local H.O.G.® Chapters.

  2. Organising an LoH® ride requires a thorough preparation in order to avoid errors in the route-description and instructions for the participants.

  3. Facilitate the possibility for overnight stay for participants that are joining the ride.

  4. Make sure at least 2 participants know the route that will be riden. The second person will sweep, so you'll be able to keep the group together.

  5. When participating in an LoH® ride, notify the person(s) organising the ride, and the National Ladies Of Harley Officer (don't forget to mention your H.O.G.® membership number).

  6. Participation to an LoH® activity will require a valid H.O.G.® and LoH membership. Prior to joining LoH, we offer the possibility to join an LoH activity once.

  7. During LoH Benelux rides, the Second-Man-Drop or "follow-up system is used. 

  8. Pillion-ladies are allowed to join any LoH-activities as a pillion, by car (following the group), or joining up at the lunch-stop.

  9. When riding pillion with a male-rider, Pillion-ladies will be able to ride an alternative rout (if available), or can join the group of non of the participants objects.

Connect to ride together.

On Ladies of Harley® ride-outs the following guidelines apply. These guidelines ensure that the ride-out goes smoothly, but above all safely, and can be divided into two categories. The first describes the way in which a ride with a group is driven, the second gives general guidelines that improve safety.


The following applies to group-riding:

  1. Road Captains do not block roads or intersections. Their role is supervising the ride-out, and assist in case of issues or emergencies.

  2. Each participating rider will obey traffic rules.

  3. Each ride will be lead by a Leader (the person who knows the route). The Road Captain following the Leader will act as Pointer.

  4. The Pointer will indicate safely and clearly where the first participant riding behind him will halt in order to indicate the direction of the route to make sure the entire group will be able to follow.
    Participants will only be pointed on locations where the route deviates from the main road. If the route goes straight ahead, no-one will be pointed. If the route turns at an intersection, a participant will be pointed to indicate the correct direction for the remainder of the group. The participant that is pointed will indicate the correct direction using the indicators on the motorcycle, hand gestures or the direction in which his motor is positioned.

  5. One or two Road Captains or Sweepers will follow the group. These Sweepers ensure that the rider who was pointed knows when the entire group has passed so she can join the group in front of the Sweepers.

The follow-up system allows for a smooth and worry-free participation to the ride-out. First-time participants are encouraged to take position in the back of the group in order to get acquainted with the follow-up system before being pointed themselves.


  • Make sure to arrive at the departure of the ride-out with a full tank of gas. On every fuel-stop, each rider will refuel.

  • In case of an issue during the ride-out (bee-sting) all participants will drive on and follow the route. The Sweepers will stop and aid the participant in distress.

  • All Road Captains will exchange contact-details before the beginning of each ride-out

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